Evaluation – A Great Learning Opportunity

Ongoing restoration work on a baroque ceiling in Osterwieck, Germany, photo: UH

Ulrike gave the introductory keynote speech on 21st February to the 2018 BRICK conference. BRICK is an innovative education programme designed by The Prince’s Regeneration Trust to build skills, provide expertise and improve connections. It is aimed primarily at community groups looking to start or progress a heritage regeneration project. (For more information see http://www.brick-work.org)

This year’s conference focussed on learning and evaluation. Laura Norris, the Programme Director of BRICK, contacted Ulrike in her role as Vice President of the UK Evaluation Society to find a keynote speaker for the conference.

The 150 conference participants were experts in the restoration of heritage buildings and programme management but not evaluation.

Ulrike’s main points were:

  • Evaluation is essential for learning. Those who do not evaluate are unlikely to improve.
  • Finding mistakes or areas for improvement is a good thing because it enables learning.
  • While evaluation is a discipline with a large body of literature it can be done in accessible ways, helping organisations to achieve better outcomes and improve their processes.
  • UKES is a learned society bringing together evaluation experts from all sectors and can be a useful source of expertise for those commissioning evaluations.

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