UK Prosperity Fund

We are very proud to be part of the evaluation of the UK’s Prosperity Fund.  This fund aims to reduce poverty and support sustainable development.

Environment Agency

We just completed a feasibility study for the Environment Agency to test whether it was possible to evaluate the benefits of colocating staff in partner organisations such as the Greater Manchester Authority. The study showed the benefits of knowledge sharing and close communications.


We are working with ICF on the evaluation of the OfGem pilot of “Check your energy deal” and a review of logic models and theories of change for the Marine Management Organisation, MMO. The objective of the policy is to increase the share of energy customers who switch their energy supplier.

VSC Consulting

Together with VSC consulting we have deliverd a cost benefit analysis for the animal health services in a middle income country. Challenges included the high value that a few livestock animals can play in the wealth and income of households, insufficient data and low ake up of services. Our next project with VSC is an evaluation plan for the Blue Forests initiative to reduce the loss of Mangrove forests.


Ulrike Hotopp, the director of LIVE Economics ltd was Chief Economist at Simetrica between March 2016 and May 2017. In this capacity she worked with a number of clients including:

Vivid Economics

Joint clients with Vivid Economics include Anglian Water and United Utilities