International trade

In the 1990s and early 2000s new trade relationships were built with Central and Eastern Europe. The lessons learnt from this process will be of use in the Brexit negotiations. You can read Ulrike’s contribution to this debate here.

Labour Markets


In the early 2000s tele working was still regarded as  novel feature in the workplace. While not possible for all professions, it has certainly taken off in many areas, allowing people to combine their lifestyle choices with a career. See an early publication by the LIVE Economics director here.

Agency Workers

The labour market has become increasingly more flexible over the last 20 years. Agency working is one of the factors which has contributed to this. However, agency workers can be vulnerable to changes in their terms and conditions. This article deals with some of these issues.


Regulation is one method – popular with Governments – to achieve their objectives. Ulrike Hotopp contributed to the thinking on how to influence behaviour and achieve outcomes without regulation early on in this debate. You can find the report Imaginative Thinking for Better Regulation, which she prepared for the Cabinet Office, here.