What we do

These pages summarise the areas in which LIVE Economics can support you.

We specialise in economic analysis which supports decisions making, such as business cases, strategic options analysis or impact assessments and in the ex post evaluation of decisions. Decisions can be taken by Government, private sector organisatiokns, international organisations, charities or others. We believe that all need robust information, scaled to the right level.

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Passionate about economic evidence in decision making

LIVE Economics ltd is an independent research based consultancy providing economic input into decision making in government, charities and companies

Core expertise

Appraisal Business cases and impact assessments
Evaluation Theory of change and logic models – design, implementation and analysis

Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Economic analysis Market and non-market valuations
Value for money analysis Opportunities and options in decision making

Economic consultancy and research: Areas of work and examples

Value for money: Impact Assessment, business cases, evaluation, market and non-market valuations

·        2018 The economics case for animal health testing, Azerbaijan

·        2017 NESTA and DCMS Valuation of cultural heritage

·        2016/17 Arup/Atkins Valuation of heritage impact of a removal of the A303 near Stonehenge

·        2012 – 2016 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – Value for Money Analysis

Energy and environment: Natural capital assessment, analysis of renewable energy policy, evaluation of energy efficiency investment

·        2017 OfGem and ICF: Evaluation of Check your Energy Deal

·        2017 WWF and Vivid Economics Valuation of Natural Capital in the Cam & Ely Ouse catchment

·        2009 – 2011 Analysis of energy policy: Renewable Energy Strategy, Severn Barrage and Carbon Capture and Storage

Labour markets, education and social impact

·        2016 Development of a Social Value Bank for Australia, with Simetrica

·        2016   Connecting Communities: Evaluation of Community intervention in a Cornwall Estate with Simetrica

·        2016 Social impact bonds to enhance children’s life chances in deprived areas, with Simetrica

·        2000 – 2002 Assessment of labour market regulation and new forms of work, innovation, and labour markets, social impact bonds in education

International economics and trade: Impact of trade on innovation and productivity, comparative advantage and global systems

·        2015 – 2017 Agriculture and the food system, Food Security as part of Global Food Security Programme and DEFRA,

·        2005 Trade and industrial upgrading in countries of central and eastern Europe,

·        2000 Impact of international trade on innovation and labour markets.