1. Natural Capital
    We provide lectures at universities, conferences or for A-level students on the question of how society can use its natural assets to improve the environment and ensure sustainable economic growth. We update the lecture regularly using newest developments in this area, most recently during a lecture to A-level students.
  2. Economic Appraisal
    We provide lectures (and training) on economic appraisal to government departments, public sector organisations, charities and private organisations. This enable them to ensure the decisions they take are value for money. Our Director Ulrike Hotopp has almost 20 years experience in applying The HM Treasury Green Book
  3. Evaluation
    We provide lectures (and training) on evaluation to assess whether a project had the intended effect. Our director Ulrike Hotopp, is a recognised expert is in this area and a member of the Council of the Uk Evaluation Society.
  4. The role of science in Government
    As an experience Government economist and former Chief Economist at DEFRA Ulrike gives engaging lectures into the questions of the role of (all) science in policy making.

Picture taken by: Lynsey Aisha Mahmood
Ulrike during a lecture at the science festival at Kent University in May 2016.